Some of the software projects I’ve built. You can visit my Github, or check out individual project by clicking their titles.

Please ⭐️ these projects if you find them useful, I really appreciate it!

Buybase 🟣

Buybase helps indie creators to sell access to Airtable or Notion databases.

Initially it started as a playground, a small project for me tinker around with, with no plans to launch it.

Over time though, it developed into quite a handy little tool, which I though others might find useful.

⇒ Ruby on Rails, Render, Vue, TailwindCSS

Jobly 🔶

Jobly helps companies to manage their hiring and careers website in Notion.

It’s built on-top of Notion, and is two separate NextJS apps (marketing site and main app), both hosted on Vercel.

Jobly is currently under development! If you’re interested, please check it out or email me for more information.

Like most of my other projects, I decided to sunset Jobly before it really went anywhere.

⇒ NextJS, Vercel, Notion, react-notion, Splitbee

Sponsaurus 🦕

Sponsaurus was a advertising management system, for on people who ran or managed email newsletters.

I worked on it for a few months, and had a few early users, but didn’t end up launching it publicly.

The software is split across two repositories — one for the Sponsaurus app/backend, and another for the Sponsaurus marketing site

The marketing site is a static site generated with Middleman, and I heavily utilized TailwindUI components to speed up development. The main app is a Ruby on Rails app, with all the frontend and backend code managed there.

This was the first time I used Render for hosting (I decided to move on from Heroku).

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, TailwindCSS, Middleman, Render

JGen 📔

JGen is a Python script to generate text-based journal files from a template.

Given a template, built using a set of simple templating options, JGen can generate a text-based journal of arbitrary length, automatically filling in dates, days/weeks of the year etc.

I find a simple text journal kept on my computer quite useful, and so I built JGen to help me generate templates for my journals. I added some extra functionality to make it more broadly useful.

Python3, Regex

Clipprs ✂️

Clipprs is a piece of software I developed to track all the little bits of information that we collect about the people we meet.

It provides a central repository to store and retrieve nitty-gritty information that our brains are so good at forgetting.

Clipprs is focused on minimizing the friction between encountering new information and storing it.

NodeJS, Oclif, Enquirer

LibgenAPI 📚

Library Genesis is a search engine for a wide collection of books and articles. It enables free access to this content where it would otherwise be paywalled or inaccessible.

As part of a project, I was looking to access results from Library Genesis using an API. Unfortunately, there was (and still is) no 1st party API methods for searching by titles or authors, and I had reliability issues with other open-source solutions. I had access to one of the largest “libraries” in the world, but had no reliable way to search it!

I decided to implement my own API. It solves the core problem of wanting a simple was to search for titles and authors. It is currently a Python library and uses BeautifulSoup4 to scrape and parse data from Library Genesis search results.

Python3, BeautifulSoup4

Personal Site

My personal website was built using Middleman, a ruby-based static site generator, and a combination of ERB and Markdown templates.

More details here.

Ruby, Middleman, ERB, Markdown