I love learning how other people build things.
Currently, this site runs on the following (using an open-source blog template I’ve built and shared) -

I’ve run this site for 8+ years on this tech stack. Do I think Middleman is dying? Absolutely. I still enjoy using it though, and I think it’s still a solid choice for a static site like this.

I think .md is the ultimate blog file format. There’s no lock-in to a CMS platform, and they’re entirely portable to another tech-stack. Middleman, despite it’s age, does a great job parsing and rendering everything, but if I wanted to switch to another stack, my .md articles would copy across without any hassle.

Netlify has never let me down. After a HN traffic spike chewed through $110 of Netlify bandwidth, I decided to move to Cloudflare Pages (which has no such charges). So far, so good!