A Simple Circular Saw Jig/Guide (with designs)

Having jumped headfirst into woodworking, the first thing I wanted to build was a jig from this excellent video. It’s a right-angle circular saw jig (the first one in the video) — you just rest it up against a piece to give you a nice square cut (if you’ve built it square!).

Here’s the drawing:

Technical drawing of a simple circular saw guide Technical drawing of a simple right-angle circular saw jig.

The two pieces of wood can be held together with just PVA wood glue, but I added a couple of screws too. Here’s what it looks like in real life:

Real life build of the circular saw guide My (not very pretty) build of this jig. The two large holes help you hold it tight against your piece of wood.

Make sure you use a square to align the two boards! The jig is pretty useless if it’s not square 😅 You don’t have to be too precise with the width of the bottom board though — you can make it a bit wider than it needs to be on the circular saw side, and just trim it to size with your first cut.

Overall it works well!

Note: Adapt this jig to your tools! Make sure everything will fit and have clearance.

Initially I built this with two 18mm pieces of wood, which blocked the saw from sliding due to a part of the saw protruding on the left side. Make sure you’re building a jig for your tool and not just copying me blindly!